Within the Abyss & Falling Fast

Dan Hanrahan
2 min readNov 9, 2023


To recognize that, after the war crimes committed by Hamas one month ago, something very, very bad is occurring in Gaza.

To recognize that the US is supporting it financially and politically and that we must do all in our limited power as citizens to stop it.

To recognize that Hamas is an authoritarian, violent, corrupt, theocratic ruling elite & that Netanyahu’s is a corrupt, bellicose & far right fascist administration that is pursuing something extremely dark in Gaza.

To recognize that suspended in the abyss between these two — and between life & death — are 2.2 million children, women and men on a thin strip of land. They are within the abyss and falling fast.

From Democracy Now this morning: “The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, says 70% of Gaza’s residents are displaced. Supermarkets have been swept clean of food and other essentials, and Israeli assaults have destroyed about a dozen of Gaza’s bakeries. With no clean drinking water, Palestinians have been forced to bathe in the Mediterranean Sea, where a total shutdown of Gaza’s wastewater treatment plants has forced the daily release of huge quantities of untreated sewage. The World Health Organization warned Wednesday of the spread of disease; it says since early October there’s been a sixteenfold increase in cases of diarrhea, most of them children under 5.

Gaza’s Health Ministry says one Palestinian child is being killed every 10 minutes, as 4,324 children have been confirmed killed in 33 days of relentless bombardment. Another 1,350 children are missing and presumed buried under the rubble. More than 10,500 Gazans have been killed.”